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Vision for the 18-19 Year!

We have decided to do four tournament events in 2018-2019 giving all the various age groups opportunities to play. Here they are:

Dexter (MI) Middle School Tournament:  September 29, 2018.  This will be a one day local experience for girls in grades 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th.  The tournament will be comprised of local teams from SE Michigan. We will hold a few practices leading up to the tournament day.

Chicago (IL) RISE Invitational:  November 3, 2018.  This will be a Saturday Tournament that will include teams from MI, IL, MO and WI. On Sunday, Northwestern University is hosting the Big Ten Finals. It will be an outstanding weekend in the Windy City to play hockey and watch some of the nations best hockey! We will take a U-19, a U-16 and a U-14 team to this weekend. Most likely girls will stay in a hotel with their parents. We will get a block so we can book the whole program in the same hotel. If girls need to come unchaperoned, we will work with you and can have a couple of rooms that the coaches take care of for the weekend.  We will likely have one practice, maybe two... as this is just one weekend after high school season ends.

Disney Showcase (FL):  February 1-3, 2019.  This is a both a really fun team tournament and also a college recruiting showcase event.  We will take one U-16 team. Hundreds of college coaches from around the country will be there.  Mickey and Minnie will also be there.  This is what USA hockey calls a "stay to play event"  To participate we have to stay at a designated hotel and stay as a team.  Parents are obviously welcome to come, but they will have to make their own accommodations. 

St. Louis Regional Cup (MO):  June 1-2, 2019.  This is a weekend tournament in St. Louis that runs alongside Club Regional Championships.  We will take a U-19, U-16 and U-14 team. Club Regionals is a tournament that we will be ready to compete in hopefully in 2020 or 2021 where Clubs across the region fight for a spot at Club Nationals. Regional Cup is for top club's 2nd tier teams and for newer clubs, their first tier (or only tier!!!) teams.  We will see how we do at Regional Cup to make a decision if we are ready for Club Regionals the next year.

That's the plan! We hope you'll come along on the journey.  If you know right now that you would like to be part of one or all of these opportunities, please let me know so I can start building a list of interested athletes.

We will also have opportunities for local training as well!

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Amy Kilgore - Director and Head Coach